Having a Presence on Facebook

The Importance of…

This week, we look at the importance of… having a presence on Facebook.

There is quite arguably no more popular website for college students today than Facebook. They use their statuses to speak their mind. They use their pictures and profiles to express who they are. They write on others’ walls, or send messages as a primary means of communication. They advertise gatherings using the events feature. With all of these functions so familiar, and in such common usage by college students, its absolutely essential for collegiate a cappella groups to tap into this resource.

Facebook lends a group fantastic opportunities to get its name out and to bond with supporters. Whether you have a Facebook profile for your group, a fan page, or group dedicated to your crew, there are a lot of opportunities to remind folks that you exist, or to network with folks who may not have heard of you before. Facebook is guaranteed to get more traffic than your group’s website for the sheer fact that its already a part of the daily routine for countless people. While there’s still clear value in maintaining a separate website, rather than trying to convince someone to go to that site, it is exponentially easier to build a following on Facebook, where you can sprout up on folks’ newsfeeds on a regular basis.

In establishing a presence on Facebook, there are numerous aways to use the site for marketing. Whether its creating an event and inviting supporters to attend, simply update the group status, sending out bulk messages, or by other means, it’s a very easy, very accessible way to reach a lot of people. Whether you’re promoting your next show, trying to sell a new CD, or get people to your auditions, this is a low-effort, high-returns way of drumming up support.

On top of these other perks, Facebook has increasingly become a strong forum for sharing media. The site now supports not just photos but also videos, broadening your opportunities to share your performances with existing supporters and, indeed with the world.

With its many facets and opportunities for sharing, Facebook provides plenty of opportunities for the betterment of your group. In this day and age, it’s vital for any successful a cappella group to be a part of it.