Where Are A Cappella Groups Performing?

Statistical Findings

In the fall of 2010, The A Cappella Blog invited every collegiate a cappella group we could find to participate in a survey. Our objective was to develop a better understanding of current trends in a cappella—what groups are or are not doing and to what degree.

Over 300 groups from across the US and abroad responded to the survey. Throughout our 2010 publication season, we will review results from this survey and talk about what our findings mean. We welcome and encourage groups to look over the information to learn, to benchmark and to satisfy their own curiosity.

This edition’s question: How many different venues did your group perform in last year?


Of the groups surveyed, over 43 percent reported that they performed in more than 10 different venues last year. Over 90 percent of the groups reported performing four or more locations. It’s clear that groups are not sitting tight at just one performance spot, but rather are getting around campus and beyond.


These numbers suggest that groups are invested in reaching beyond an isolated audience. Historically, a number of groups sat tight, performing on a single stage in the school of music. Today’s groups are performing at events around campus, whether it’s a concert or just a song or two to provide entertainment for an event. Groups are performing at events like Relay for Life or for other charitable causes at school and in the community. All of this on top of acting as guest groups, touring and competing—groups are getting around.