Social Networking

Between business and personal use, Skype has emerged as highly successful tool for live video conferencing. It's a viable method for holding international business meetings. It's a great way to keep long distance lovers in close contact. It helps Grandpa see his granddaughter from hundreds of miles away.

But how is your a cappella group using it?

Skype can represent an interesting platform for a cappella groups to rehearse when the members don’t live near one another, or are bound to the indoors by inclement weather. It also affords opportunities for a cappella performance. Place some video calls and all of a sudden, you have the opportunity to perform live for all of your Skype chat friends.

Rather than a fully formed performance, consider using Skype to air a dress rehearsal to alumni or a cappella critics. Skype erases distance and the lag of just sending someone a YouTube link; you can acheive instant feedback and get a true dialogue going between the performers and the critic.

Skype can also be an effective means for keeping in touch with current group members. How often do groups lose members due to studying abroad or taking medical leaves? If you can get the group on Skype with such people, you may not be able to retain their services from an actual performance or rehearsal perspective, but you can Skype them into group meetings and practices so that they can at least keep up to date on what the group's doing, and learn the fundamentals of songs so that they return to the group ready to hit the ground running.

In a global age, a cappella groups will only benefit from expanding their reaches. Skype is one fantastic way to do so.