Social Networking

When I was growing up, we hung flyers for yard sales, and put up sheets with tabs people could rip off if we wanted to sell something or get in touch with people. People took out classified ads in newspapers, or even went door to door to sell their wares.

Today, folks accomplish most of these ends via Craigslist.

Craigslist started as an email service in 1995 and has since grown to be a central repository for a spectrum of needs whether users want to set up a date, sell an old TV, or buy a used sofa.

When it comes to an a cappella group, Craigslist can be a unique way to reach beyond your normal corps of followers who follow your group directly, or who are specifically looking for you. For a collegiate group, it’s a fantastic way to advertise a show to the community beyond the confines of your campus. For post-collegiate groups, this can be an optimal way to recruit singers to form your new group, or join your existing one. Craigslist can also serve as a means to pursue gigs—advertising yourselves as entertainers, opening acts, an economical wedding band, or any other range of possibilities.

The ability for Craigslist to both grab attention for a specific purpose, and to be used more broadly as a way of connecting with new fans, clients, and members makes it an outstanding social networking resources for a cappella groups.