Sing Like Michael Jackson Did as a Child

Simply A Cappella

Looking back at old videos of Michael Jackson performing as a child, alongside his brothers, is a pretty incredible experience. Here you have pre-teen Jackson, working the stage, singing his heart out with a sort of simple joy and bravado that stems not from arrogance, but a joyful naivety—the sort of likeable bravado most people only have when they’re very young and very good at something. It’s a performance borne not from the pursuit of money, but an enjoyment of the act of performing.

Granted, knowing what we know now, all was not well with the Jackson family, and young Michael had a troubled childhood. And so, some of the magic of the Jackson Five performances is an illusion. Nonetheless, there’s no harm in striving to recreate that magic in earnest.

Stop worrying about precision, and sing with your biggest voice. Stop being wary about how you look, and show off your hippest dance moves. Stop being self conscious and start having the time of your life, making music with your friends.