Sing Like A Muppet

Simply A Cappella

Have you ever noticed the way in which Kermit the Frog sings? His mouth opens wide. His head flops back. If he’s not sitting on a lily pad, banjo in hand, he’s more often than not walking with a bounce in his step.

Sure, it’s easy for a puppet whose shtick is more often not aimed at entertaining kids to be up beat all the time, and sure, the character gets a lot of free passes when it comes to over-the-top optimism that people who are not lined with felt just don’t seem to get. But does that mean that people can’t emulate what The Muppets do best?

Kermit, Fozzy, Piggy and company have a mass following, and with good reason. They represent the best in each and every one of us—the good-hearted folk we aspired to be, and maybe even thought that we were as kids. The dreamers, and the loyal friends who worked hard, played harder and sang their way to success in every movie and television program they took part in.

You’re never going to live the Muppet life, but when you sing, there’s nothing keeping you from espousing the Muppet style of performance. Open your mouth wide. Bounce. For the duration of just one song, forget your troubles and sing for the sheer joy of making music with those around you.