Dance, Don’t Choreograph

Simply A Cappella

How much time does your group spend synching up its step-touches or sharpening that box step? Have you found yourself practically electric-sliding your way through a song, all the while focusing more on your movement than the sound you’re producing?

Choreography has its place. It can help you engage with your audience—particularly laymen who prefer entertainment over musical nuance. But no one enjoys watching a group struggle to remember its moves and emit a less compelling sound for the effort. What’s far more entertaining—and far more fun for your group--is to just dance.

You know, dance. Feel the rhythm. Move your feet, maybe swing your arms. Practice less, and let instinct take over more. When you have more fun, you’re audience will have more fun. You won’t miss the stress of remembering your memorizing ansynching up a bunch of choreo, but you will enjoy yourself when you’re living in the moment, making music, and having fun dancing with your friends.

(Check just after the 3:00 mark.)