The University of St. Andrews Alleycats


In honor of the 2017 ICCA tournament, The A Cappella Blog pursued short interviews with competing groups to develop insights into why and how groups approach competition, and to get appropriately excited for the tremendous shows ahead of us.

What’s your group name and on what date is your group’s quarterfinal?

We are The Alleycats, and our quarterfinal is on February 19th!

How long has your group been around? Have you competed before?

The Alleycats were founded in 2001, though back then we were an all-male group. We became a mixed group in 2007 and we've competed in most major competitions since then, though our focus has always been on performing in Scotland. As you can guess, it's a long way to travel to London!

Why are you competing this year? What does your group hope to accomplish or get out of the experience?

Last year's ICCA semi-final was the first time we've performed fully micced up, and it was the best we've ever sounded. We all had goosebumps afterwards, the sound was totally intoxicating. If we can come away from this year's performance feeling the same amazing buzz, it would have been worth it, regardless of the outcome. Because the standard is always so high, it's just a great show. It's always grand to catch the other groups and see what they come up with.

How is your group preparing for competition?

Rehearsals, rehearsals, rehearsals! We have a brand new set with songs we’ve never performed before, and we want it to be perfect! We are also performing at a wedding the day before our quarterfinal so hopefully we will be in the zone!

If you were to describe your group, or the set your group is planning for competition with just three words, what would they be?

Dark; Dramatic; Dangerous.

You can visit The Alleycats online using the links below: