The Boxettes

International Spotlight

The Boxettes didn’t think of themselves as an a cappella group, members explained during a panel discussion at SoJam 2011. They thought of themselves as a band that just happened to not use any instruments.

Indeed, it may be this outlook on their music that so profoundly differentiates the sound of The Boxettes who combine a grooving sound with the electronified bass and percussion sounds of world champion beatboxer Bellatrix. The result is a truly unique performance experience every time the five women take the stage together. Although the group is based in London, they have traveled extensively internationally, including their celebrated performance at SoJam last year. The group is currently releasing a series of live videos on YouTube called “Boxettes Live Sessions.”

Check out a sampling of the Boxettes sound below.

You can learn more about The Boxettes at their official site and follow them on Twitter here.