A Cappella Albums You Must Have In Your Collection

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When it comes to music, no genre can really compare with the excitement and joy that a great a cappella group can bring us. A cappella is so much fun to listen to, as you can really hear the tone and ability of each of the singers' voices in the group, therefore, it is only natural that the more albums you can listen to, the better.

However, no matter how many albums our collections are comprised of, we’ll always find room for one or two more. Many albums out there are absolutely essential to complete an a cappella fan’s collection. Here, we share a list of those albums that any true fan should own.

1) No Frills by The Persuasions
This soulful album is amazingly well done, and some have said that it was the group's best ever. First released in 1984, this album includes a medley of “Under the Boardwalk” and “Sand in My Shoes.”

It has been called nostalgic, as it seems to take a look at the past and what The Persuasions have done before. This album is a great addition to any collection.

2) Say You Love Me by Vox One
Surprisingly enough, this album was actually first released in Japan! Seven of the songs on here were never released in the United States, which makes it even more appealing for American fans to own.

Vox one has won many awards for their unique style of music, setting them apart from all other a cappella groups.

3) The Sing Series

Even for those who are not as in tune, shall we say, with a cappella and its many facets, you can still have a deep enjoyment for this particular album. Within this series, the goal was to give artists the chance to grow their talent and be heard by a much bigger audience than ever before.

Up-and-coming a cappella artists get to share an album with more well-known artists, which is always exciting and allows for greater publicity. The Sing albums are quite fun and exciting to listen to!

4) The Women Gather by Sweet Honey in the Rock

Sweet Honey in the Rock is different from any other a cappella group out there. Each song is a story, drawing its listeners in and making them want to stay to hear the end. Many of their songs have been written and themed after the Civil Rights Movement, and the women truly showcase their talent in each and every song.

This particular album is their 30th anniversary album, making it extra special. The material is new and refreshing for listeners.

5) Watch Me Fly by Talisman A Cappella

Talisman A Cappella has been called “one of the most significant a cappella groups to come” (Sherry Winston), and this is evident on their album Watch Me Fly. They say that they wanted this album to be one that everyone could relate to, and they certainly surpass this goal, as evidenced by the amount of people who purchased this album.

Watch Me Fly takes its listeners on a journey through the struggles of life, some that we may overcome and others in which the outcome is unknown. It is a classic in any collection.

These albums span a wide variety of talents, subjects and emotions. They were hits when first released, and they continue to be hits today. It’s time to make your collection complete.