Never Show Up To the Party Empty Handed

For Your Own Good

While a cappella is typically a group endeavor amidst a niche, but large community, For Your Own Good focuses on what individuals can do for their own betterment this realm.

Like so many of our mothers told us growing up, it’s impolite to show up to a get-together without some sort of offering. When it comes to your a cappella group, people will have their distinct roles, musically, organizationally and socially, but if you want to be as strong of a contributor as you can, look out for your group’s best interests, and shore up your value to the ensemble, you should always make sure that you’re bringing something distinctive and important to the mix.

Bring a cappella skills. When it comes to performance groups, talent trumps most things. Groups want the best talents available, but furthermore are in need of certain distinct talents—if you are a woman who can contribute bass vocals to an all-female group, or if you’re the only beat boxer for an ensemble, you are going to be much harder to replace and earn yourself some extra clout in the group.

Bring non-a cappella skills.: While musicianship rules in a cappella groups, there’s much more to running a successful organization than what happens on stage. You can make yourself valuable by being a natural connector who can get your group bookings; a web design wiz who can perfect your group’s website and better establish your social media presence; or even someone who’s good at rallying people together and planning parties, movie nights, or dinners out.

Bring ideas. Creativity is an asset to any a cappella group, whether it’s a matter of contributing new song ideas, suggesting concert themes, or introducing ideas for off-beat performance opportunities or tours, there’s a lot to be said for thinking actively and differently.

When it comes to a cappella, and any number of other walks of life, people who bring something to the party will always be welcome.