When Over the Top Costuming Works

200 Reasons To Love A Cappella

Reason #117: When Over the Top Costuming Works

There are times when I watch an a cappella performance and question what the group was thinking in regard to attire. There’s costuming that’s painfully gimmicky. Colors that clash. Blazers so loud that they distract from everything else happening on stage and make it impossible to take the group seriously.

And then there are those groups that make over the top wardrobe choices work for them.

Take The Amherst Zumbyes.

The group has made a name for itself through high energy, confidence, and comedy. And their (not so) secret weapon?

The banana.

Traditionally, one man in the group dons a banana costume. Ask the group about it, and the answer comes back: “What banana?”

It’s a costume choice that’s profoundly memorable. Unique. Fun. And it gets people talking. In short, it does everything that I can only assume the group wants for it to, without the group ever having to say a word about it.

I love it!