When A Show Starts On Time

200 Reasons To Love A Cappella

Reason #189: When A Show Starts On Time

We live in an era of convenience. Rather than waiting for the next episode of a favorite TV show, we binge watch. Rather than driving to the record store to buy a new album, we pre-order and wait for the album to be delivered to our devices.

In such an era, there’s something magical about consuming a live performance—about preserving that piece of our cultural history when we congregate with other audience members to watch and listen to real, live human beings play basketball, stage a play, engage in a debate, or, yes, even sing a cappella.

Patience and attention spans are casualties of our culture of convenience. As such, one of the great joys of consuming an a cappella show live is those occasions when the show starts on time. Starting on time keeps a crowd from growing restless. Better yet, it shows respect for the audience’s time and, in the event of recurring audiences, helps train the audience that they’ll be rewarded for showing up and finding a seat before the advertised start of a show time.

A show that starts on time demonstrates the first maker of a professional, organized set of performers and production staff. 

I love it!