Well-Rehearsed Exits

200 Reasons To Love A Cappella

Reason #98: Well-Rehearsed Exits from Stage

We’ve all seen it before—a group finishes a rousing performance and freezes. The crowd applauds. The group members look at one another, one of them starts to move, another awkwardly waves at the crowd, and finally group turns and walks off stage.

Sure, what matters most is what happens between the applause, when a group is actually performing. But when you consider professionalism, and the importance of that final impression a group makes on its audience, there’s no denying the importance of a well-coordinated, well-rehearsed exit from stage. If you’re going to bow, decide that, and who’s leading it. If you’re going to go bounding off stage as a ball of energy, that’s fine, too. It’s that awkward moment when the performers clearly don’t know what they’re doing that robs a performance of some of its verve; just as the well-prepared exit puts a bow on the package and communicates that a group has thought out every angle of its performance.

I love it!