Watching the Crowd Grow at a Public Show

200 Reasons To Love A Cappella

Reason #130: Watching the Crowd Grow at a Public Show

One of the a cappella’s most unique and most appealing qualities is how few requirements it has. A cappella groups need a place to exist—and, well, that’s about it. While not all venues are built equally in terms of aesthetic or acoustic quality, because a cappella is all about the music people make with their bodies, it allows for spontaneous performance, and performance in unlikely places ranging from a public park to a subway platform.

Better yet, once a group gets going, it can be pretty amazing to see a crowd take notice. Starting with a few friends of the group, soon, curious onlookers will wander over. Then more people who want to see what all of these other people are crowding around, and whom get sucked in by a captivating performance. In a matter of minutes, a cappella has the power to draw together a truly impressive audience.

I love it!