Watching It Grow

200 Reasons To Love A Cappella

Reason #51: Watching It Grow

In 2009, MTV crashed the party at the ICCA Finals in New York. Lots of people criticized the cable station’s involvement, indicating they compromised the quality of the show, invented stories that weren’t there, took the focus away from the music and so on. I’m not going to say any of that isn’t true, but the fact remained that MTV had come to tape a collegiate a cappella competition. This, coming off the heels of Mickey Rapkin’s Pitch Perfect and the initial ascent of Straight No Chaser. This, months before NBC would launch the first season of The Sing-Off and years before the Pitch Perfect film.There’s no denying it—the last few years have been an incredible time to be an a cappella fan.

Is a cappella a fad or is it an art form on the rise, subject to more and more innovation and greater popularity as the years go by? Only time can tell for now, but the fact remains that a cappella fans have been able to see the musical form that they love grow by leaps and bounds in recent history.

I love it!