Visiting a School in the Community

200 Reasons To Love A Cappella

Reason #60: Visiting a School in the Community

The great patrons from any walk of life make a point of both proselytizing and preparing the next generation to carry on their art form. Think about great high school basketball players who later coach kids, or writers who teach their craft on a volunteer basis. A number of collegiate a cappella groups have manifested this idea of giving back by visiting schools in the community to put demonstrations, shows, and workshops.

When groups expose kids to a cappella they’re serving the essential functions of inspiring the aspirations of young musicians to follow in their footsteps, and also carving out a new fanbase. What kid won’t be dazzled by a superstar beatboxer? Who won’t idolize the truly transcendent soloist? Visiting schools helps a cappella on the whole, besides building wonderful connections between a group and its local community.

I love it!