The One Person Rocking Out the Hardest

200 Reasons To Love A Cappella

Reason #172: The One Person Rocking Out the Hardest

We’ve all seen it. At the dance club. In the children’s choir. On stage for the community theater musical. There are people who are grooving. People who look a little awkward. And that one person. That one person who may or may not be a great dancer, but who is clearly taking this party to the next level, animated, pumped, threatening to break the bounds of their body with their super-powered moves. 

A cappella does not escape this phenomenon, when there’s often times that one group member who appears a little more hyper or a little more emotionally invested, and through whatever confluence of these visual factors stands out from the pack—passionate, proud, and completely unable to contain her or his excitement on stage.

I’m not saying that having a group member stick out visually like this is the best idea for a competition, but in the context of an everyday performance, these special singers can elevate routine exhibition to engaging performance that’s more memorable, more exciting, and keeps people talking about it.

I love it!