The Nintendo Medley

200 Reasons To Love A Cappella

Reason #75: The Nintendo Medley

In 2005, University of Wisconsion-Madison Redefined recorded one of the first viral videos in a cappella with their medley of Nintendo songs. Sure, groups have innovated past this point now, and the vocals weren’t 100 percent on, but the decision to perform this song and the overwhelming reception it received over the Internet was quite arguably a forerunner to the crazes of guys going Gaga, a cappella flash mobs, and one-man bands that came in the years to follow. This is an a cappella group having fun, playing to the tastes of its own generation and scoring a plain and simple hit. Better yet, it has given rise to an ongoing tradition of the group continuing to perform the medley and adding new segments as the years go by.

I love it!