The Longest Time

200 Reasons To Love A Cappella

Reason #55: The Longest Time

Billy Joel has recorded his share of iconic songs, but none has ever registered with the a cappella community to the same extent as this song that is, itself, an old school a cappella riff, “The Longest Time.” It’s simple sweet, and undeniably fun—the kind of classic that will always please for a parent weekend performance, but that will also function in an everyday setting. I defy any newly formed college couple not to interlace fingers at the sound of this charmer, an anthem for new love.

Sure, I’ve knocked groups for bringing this song to competition before, and that’s because it’s too standard to help a group really make a unique impressions, short of an innovative take on the arrangement or a truly off the charts soloist. With that said, even as I look down upon the song selection, I can’t help but smile on a personal level when the “whoa-oh-oh”s get going.

I love it!