The Host Group’s Performance While the Judges Deliberate

200 Reasons To Love A Cappella

Reason #31: The Host Group’s Performance While the Judges Deliberate

As enjoyable as competitive a cappella is, it comes with a certain unavoidable sense of tension. Groups are striving to hit every note right, and to make sure they stay within time limits. Most of the audience members are there to support one or two particular groups, which means it’s nerve-racking to see how “your” group did, and there’s a part of you that’s hoping every other group won’t sound great, for fear they’ll push your pick backward in the night’s rankings.

But the host group? Whether they’re masters or novices, the host group is perfectly non-threatening because by the time they take the stage the competition is over. This is a chance for fans to take a deep breath, sit back and enjoy the show. Better yet, it’s a great opportunity for the host group to show off its repertoire in front of a crowd full of a cappella aficionados who probably wouldn’t catch their act otherwise. The host group’s performance while judges are deliberating marks a pivot point in the night, when groups stop competing, and the community of the a cappella experience can retake its place in the fore.

I love it!