The End to Controversy on the Internet

200 Reasons To Love A Cappella

Reason #171: The End to Controversy on the Internet

In the preceding edition of 200 Reasons to Love A Cappella, I discussed the benefits of Internet controversies because they demonstrate just how passionate, opinionated, and in informed the a cappella community can be.

Just the same, controversies over Facebook, Twitter, and the comments sections of web posts—particularly when they get drawn out and heated—have a tendency to get ugly, as people grow personal, digging skeletons out of closets, devolving into name-calling, and creating hard feelings.

Thus, one of the great joys of being an a cappella enthusiast on the Internet is the moment when controversy dissolves and we move on with our lives. The thing is, at its best, the a cappella community can be remarkable for how readily people support each other—sharing advice, sharing feedback, or just plain sharing each other’s music to broadcast it to a wider audience. When controversies settle into the background, the a cappella community has a tendency to bounce back, stronger for the experience.

I love it!