Soloists Who Don’t Look Like They’re Performing

200 Reasons To Love A Cappella

Reason #188: Soloists Who Don’t Look Like They’re Performing

Some of the very best soloists in a cappella are those with stage presence—the ones who work the performance stage, connect with audience members, and come across as charming or as though they’re at least equally as much thespians as singers.

By contrast there are those soloists who come across as completely casual, and there’s something every bit as appealing about that dynamic. These are the soloists who sound terrific despite not making gesticulating wildly or hamming it up for anyone with a camera in the front row. They’re the soloists who could just as easily be singing in the shower as for a packed auditorium, given how at ease and mellow they sound while singing their part.

This style of performance doesn’t work for every singer or every song, but when it does, it can be refreshingly honest, simple, and compelling.

I love it!