Small Groups

200 Reasons To Love A Cappella

Reason #139: Small Groups

In reason number 138, we took a look at super-sized groups. This time we turn to the opposite extreme. Small groups have cemented themselves, particularly at the professional or semi-pro level as some of the most compelling acts in a cappella, whether we’re talking about Pentatonix, Arora, The Boxettes, GQ, Musae, or any other number of elite groups with a half dozen members or fewer.

Having fewer members can present some very real strengths. The fewer the voices, the less complex a problem it is to make voices blend, and the more opportunity there are for individual personalities to shine. Fewer group members can make visual presentation simpler, both for fewer bodies to move in synch, and on the principle that a smaller group can more readily connect with an audience on an individual level without choreographing at all, per se, but rather just focusing on a few key movements and letting stage presence and charisma do the heavy lifting.

Smaller groups allow for stars to be made, delivering some of the most captivating a cappella in the world.

I love it!