Seeing a Second Group Sing the Same Song—And Do It Better

200 Reasons To Love A Cappella

Reason #113: Seeing a Second Group Sing the Same Song—And Do It Better

Most of us who have attended an a cappella competition have seen it happen. A group sings a song. Sings it ably. Makes an impression.

Some time passes.

Another group starts its set, and with those opening chords, some eyes roll, heads turn, smiles cross lips. There may be laughter. There may be groans. The occasional collective “ooh” that materializes when a crowd recognizes a throwdown.

In short, the group is singing the same song as a group that came before it.

Whether it’s “Hide and Seek,” “Viva La Vida,” “Too Close,” or “Some Nights,” certain years see certain songs emerge as the darlings of the a cappella world. It can be an awkward development or an annoyance.

But sometimes, the second group does something to make the audience take notice. Cleaner vocals. A creative arrangement. Staging that makes everyone in the auditorium take notice.

A second, better performance of the same song highlights some of what’s most appealing about a cappella. In an art form dominated by cover songs, great groups make the music their own, improve upon it and give us all something special to remember.

I love it!