200 Reasons To Love A Cappella

Reason #36: Reunions

One of the values of collegiate a cappella groups is that of community. When a cappella groups “get it right,” they provide unique opportunities for friendships to take shape among performers who spend hours rehearsing, performing and traveling together. And one of the few thingss to rival these experiences themselves is the opportunity to relive moments, as groups come back together for reunions.

If a reunion happens on stage, it might mean revisiting a wide catalog of songs from different eras of the group, giving new members a history lesson, and offering their predecessors the chance to see how the group has evolved, If it’s a an off-stage reunion of members past, it’s going to be full of stories and song, celebrating the legacy of what once was.

Reunions underscore what can be so special about collegiate a cappella groups, providing members with not only the opportunity to perform and create, but to be part of a very special community. This is the stuff that defines a lot of students’ college experiences. In some cases, it might even be what makes someone’s college experience worthwhile, providing the group of people and joint experience to give them a sense of belonging. Whatever the case may be, when you can reunite with a group of people after years apart, and still share that bond of a communal experience, it’s a powerful thing that speaks volumes about your group.

I love it!