Personal Style

200 Reasons To Love A Cappella

Reason #153: Personal Style

With thousands of a cappella groups plying their trade today, it can be tough to stand out. Being good, being innovative, and being entertaining are all well and good, but one of the most surefire ways for a group to really stand out, and one of the great joys for an a cappella spectator is to see a group with its own clear, distinctive style. 

Whether it’s bass heavy intensity of The Northeastern University Nor’easters; the horror a cappella stylings of University of Maryland Faux Paz; the raw intensity of The Florida State AcaBelles; the accessible pop sound of Baylor University VirtuOSO; or the breathy, off-beat, intrinsically bohemian sound of The NYU N’Harmonics, some of the very best and most memorable groups singing in the last decade have anchored their identity around a unique aesthetic.

 Yes, some groups do thrive via their range, but groups that can cultivate their own personal style hold a special place for honing in on their spots as can’t-miss acts that can’t be duplicated.

I love it!