Meeting a Group After the Show

200 Reasons To Love A Cappella

Reason #121: Meeting a Group After the Show

If you’re reading this blog, you probably agree with the sentiment that a cappella and its practitioners are under-appreciated by mainstream audiences. While, on the whole, I’d love to see a cappella singers get more attention, one of the really positive side effects of most a cappella groups arriving as mainstream celebrities is that the group members have largely remained humble, down to earth people.

After most shows I attend, I’ll talk to at least one of the people I saw sing on stage to compliment them or thank them for sharing their talents. In an overwhelming majority of these instances, I’ve been met with not arrogance or a cold shoulder, but rather the sincere appreciation of someone who is grateful to have been recognized, and who is eager to talk about his or her work.

It’s cool to meet someone whose work you admire, but the experience is far richer when that artist is eager to talk to you, too. More often than not, a cappella allows for just those sorts of interactions.

I love it!