Law School Groups

200 Reasons To Love A Cappella

Reason #148: Law School Groups

While there are certainly people who make it work, let’s be honest—between financial concerns, professional and academic aspirations, and personal obligations, few people can truly make a cappella their number one priority. And that’s not on a knock on a cappella—in reality, I think one of the most admirable qualities of the form is that its practitioners are so often amateurs who make time to pursue their personal passion, and to make music with their friends.

From that perspective, there are few endeavors in a cappella more laudable than law school a cappella groups. Law school students are notoriously busy—engaged with high stakes curriculum as an entry point to a challenging career. That these people still make time for a cappella is a testament to their commitment to their music. Moreover, I find it admirable that so many approach the form with the same brand of quirky, tongue-in-cheek good humor as undergrads, with group names like Harvard’s Scales of Justice, Yale and Northwestern’s Habeas Chorus groups, or Duke’s Public Hearing.

I love it!