Innovation in Recording

200 Reasons To Love A Cappella

Reason #41: Innovation in Recording

For those who are new to a cappella, there’s probably not so much excitement around the prospect of listening to an a cappella recording. After all, it’s just the same novelty act you see on stage, only without the choreography or expressions or surrounding crowd to help you into the moment. Right?

This may have been true for quite some time, but then along came Bill Hare and a class of recording visionaries who turned the art form around. With each passing year, a cappella groups find ways of innovating, getting more and more out of the human voice, their bodies, and microphone technique. Recording engineers represent a whole other approach to the form. From Hare famously running vocals through guitar amplifiers on down the line, there’s a whole world out there of what creative people can do to transform the human voice into something new and different in a recording. It’s a remarkable art form, and one that is advancing all the time.

I love it!