Incorporating Foreign Languages

200 Reasons To Love A Cappella

Reason #147: Incorporating Foreign Languages

A cappella is all about the sounds the human body can generate, and principally from a vocal perspective. You can have a killer solo, innovative syllables, and great perc. But you can add an entirely different dimension if you incorporate foreign languages.

The well-timed, clever usage of a foreign language can diversify the group sound and lend a song a more global feel. Used in the right song, it can tap into core of the music. Moreover, it’s a great way for a group to make clear to its listeners that the group hasn’t gone on auto-pilot, regurgitating a very literal translation of a song, but rather has taken the time to make a song its own spicing it up with splash of Spanish, tapped into another dimension of the narrative by employing a South African dialect, or stayed true to its roots by singing a verse in Hindi.

I love it!