Hearing the Story Behind a Song

200 Reasons To Love A Cappella

Reason #125: Hearing the Story Behind a Song

Starting in the late nineties, VH1 struck a chord with American music fans through the show Storytellers, a concert show on which major music acts told the stories behind their songs, giving viewers a unique perspective on the creative process behind any number of acts.

On a more basic level, it’s not uncommon for an act to share bits of history behind a song during a live show. It’s not a routine practice in the a cappella world, but when it does happen, it can make for some truly poignant, funny, or, at minimum, memorable moments.

Since most contemporary groups focus on covers rather than original music, telling the story behind a song often has to do with explaining a group member’s personal connection to an established piece of music. It’s an insight into an individual soul among a performance ensemble, and point on which that performer can connect with audience members who have appreciated the same song in their own ways, for their own reasons. In doing so, these stories draw audiences into performances, and make each exhibition more special for the experience.

I love it!