Hearing a Song You Thought No One Else Knew

200 Reasons To Love A Cappella

Reason #111: Hearing a Song You Thought No One Else Knew

We all have our songs. Deep cuts from a favorite artist that only the truest fans have heard. One off tracks by obscure bands you only know because you heard them one night on the college radio station or took the time to look it up after you heard play over a montage on your favorite TV show. Such songs are special, in no small part, because you feel a sense of ownership for them, a sense of pride because you recognize that songs greatness while others don’t recognize it all.

Yes, having your song is great. But it’s even cooler when you discover other people who share your passion.

Case in point, I recall listening to the ICHSA Finals a few years back and hearing Pioneer High School Soulfege sing its take on “Iowa” by Dar Williams. A relatively niche song by a relatively niche artist. One my favorite songs from college. I rarely find another soul who knows it, but there was a group of high school kids singing it live in New York. I heard them sing and I realized I wasn’t alone.

One of the greatest powers of a cappella is for artists to take music they love and make it their own. When you hear someone else share the obscure corner of your palate, it’s a beautiful thing.

I love it!