Hearing a Song That Just Came Out on the Radio

200 Reasons To Love A Cappella

Reason #129: Hearing a Song That Just Came Out on the Radio

I consider myself pretty open minded about music from different time periods. On a given day, I’m more or less equally prone to be listening to something contemporary, something from a few years, something from my childhood, or something from before I was born. As such, I also appreciate hearing a diverse range of time periods covered in an a cappella show.

All that said, there’s something unmistakably electric about hearing an a cappella group sing a genuinely new song—one that has just hit the radio, just blown up on YouTube, or otherwise quite recently arrived in the public consciousness. Sometimes, it’s a product  of good fortune—a group arranged and learned a deep cut which just happened to be the next single off a major artist’s label. Other times, it’s a group working hard and working quickly to learn a song and execute it ahead of the pack, when the audience is both most interested in and most surprised to hear it. For all of the group’s spectacular accomplishments, this may be one of Pentatonix’s most significant signature moves.

I love it!