Hearing a Song Evolve

200 Reasons To Love A Cappella

Reason #114: Hearing a Song Evolve

There are those a cappella groups that depend more on song selection than musical prowess to impress a crowd. The groups that haphazardly cover the latest top 40 hit or that rely on comedic choreography to get the audience laughing so they won’t notice a vapid arrangement.

And then there are groups own the music. The groups that don’t just cover songs but improve upon them, adding depth and reinterpretation. Turning the volume up when the original song is softest, going small when the original pops. Adding layers of harmony and a complexity of sound that delivers a fresh listening experience for the audience.

The truest artists in a cappella challenge expectations and offer their audiences the sensation the music is evolving as they are listening to it. That, my friends, is a pretty transcendent experience. 

I love it!