Hearing a New Song Debuted

200 Reasons To Love A Cappella

Reason #104: Hearing a New Song Debuted

Many a cappella groups depend on a mixture of tried and true standards they’ve kept in their repertoires and relatively new pieces they’ve added to their repertoire over the last year or so. This combination makes good, practical sense and serves both an audience of loyal fans who expect to hear certain signature pieces, and an audience that appreciates the newer additions.

For either audience, nothing can compare to the electricity that comes with debuting a great new song. Groups tend to sing brand new material with greater verve, and there’s always the chance that the group will still change up parts or add choreography, which lends audiences the sense that they’re hearing and seeing a work in progress—that they and their reactions to the music are active parts of the  creative process. As a fan that’s a pretty cool place to be. It’s all the better when a group gets a song in “ahead of the curve” singing what will likely become an a cappella blockbuster/cliché ahead of the pack.

I love it!