Guitar Solos

200 Reasons To Love A Cappella

Reason #87: Guitar Solos

When I was brainstorming 200 reasons to love a cappella, I jotted down guitar solos almost as a joke. Because typically, that’s that they are—fun, unpolished, humorous effects, usually accompanied by air guitar motions, at which point a group rocks out on an instrumental portion of a song.

Then I heard Naturally 7 live for the first time.

In a non-serious, non-competitive setting, I think it’s a lot of fun for amateurs to break out guitar solos. But then there are those a cappella performers who transcend what as mere mortals can accomplish with our mouths. The boys from Naturally 7 are in a unique class of performers who can make vocal guitar solos not only 100 percent legit, but one of the truest musical highlights of any show.

I love it!