200 Reasons To Love A Cappella

Reason #96: GQ

While groups like Delilah and Musae were at the fore of the post-collegiate all-female a cappella revolution at the turn of the decade, and groups like Noteworthy, Divisi, and The AcaBelles were making the cases for women across the nation on the collegiate scene, 2012 saw the rise of an unexpected all-female sensation. Whether they were winning the Mid-Atlantic Harmony Sweepstakes, winning the SingStrong competition, or placing second overall at The Harmony Sweepstakes Finals GQ made a serious name for themselves in the a cappella world, and did so in very little time, accomplishing all of the above within just six months of first forming.

The ladies from Towson University boasted a unique blend of styles with clear barbershop influences, but defying the conventional structure of that medium and embracing more contemporary song selections. The group demonstrated that a group need not boast a wealth of choreography, an army of members, or new-school bells and whistles to make a dent in the contemporary a cappella scene, but have, instead, thrived off of mastering the fundamentals, putting together the perfect arrangements for their vocal set, and bringing together four distinct and outstanding voices to make magic happen.

I love it!