Getting the Audience Clapping

200 Reasons To Love A Cappella

Reason #39: Getting the Audience Clapping

If there’s one thing better than entertaining a crowd—a transcendent phenomenon that reaches a point in which the crowd is playing a role in entertaining itself—it would have to be getting crowd clapping along to a song.

When the crowd joins a group in clapping, or even better yet, starts clapping of its own accord, it’s assign that the crowd can hardly wait to applaud, and that it actively wants to help a group perform even better than it already is. What’s more, when the crowd claps in rhythm, it creates a synergistic effect by which the group itself often sounds all the better for that extra percussion. When a group gets the crowd clapping, it’s a unique moment of community, when spectators and performers all one, in one big celebration of music.

I love it!