“Faith” as performed by The Brown Derbies

200 Reasons To Love A Cappella

Reason #63: “Faith” as performed by The Brown Derbies

Since 1982, Brown University’s Brown Derbies have electrified audiences ranging from the ICCA finals in New York to the White House in DC. One of the cool things about a talented group with a deep history is that they tend to develop traditions and adopt certain signature songs, carried on over the years, reinvented with the changing membership.

The Derbies cover of George Michael’s “Faith” tends to be marked by energetic movement, dramatic moments, guitar instrumentation, and highly charismatic soloists. It’s a perennially fun, crowd-pleasing song that transcends generations and provides a common thread through different incarnations of the group to help center the ensemble and give it a cohesive identity.

I love it!