Enormous High School Groups

200 Reasons To Love A Cappella

Reason #178: Enormous High School Groups

In recent years, high school a cappella groups have inched closer and closer to their college counterparts in terms of song selection, staging, and number of group members. But there’s a history of much larger high school groups, some of which are still thriving in their local communities today.

I recall my first few ICHSA shows and seeing groups with as many a thirty to forty members on stage. Sure, the number is a little unwieldy, and can cause problems when it comes to quality control, tuning and blend, and figuring out an effective, dynamic visual presentation for so many people. Just the same, there’s a certain kind of joy that’s intrinsic to these performances and to these groups.

A cappella is a competitive medium, but particularly at the scholastic level, it should also be platform building friendships and community. The biggest groups also suggest the biggest hearts, for a mentality of helping everyone who wants to be involved find a spot, and embracing the joy of creating as one big community.

I love it!