200 Reasons To Love A Cappella

Reason #37: Drunkappella

Drun.kap.el.la. (adj. & adv.) (with reference to choral music) without instrumental accompaniment; with alcohol.

I first learned the term drunkappella at an ICCA Finals after party, but, to be sure, it can be found in far less formal settings, from bars, to parties, to walks home between Main Street and the dorm. Drunkappella breaks down what’s normally an art of precision, turning loose talented to performers to go on instinct, improvise and let their voices soar—holding out notes a little longer, letting their VP grow a bit more spastic.

No, drunkappella may not be quite as enjoyable to the sober ear, but among friends or after a big show, at which point the audience is comparably inebriated to the performers, it’s one of the true hidden gems of the a cappella world.

I love it!