Crowd Clap

200 Reasons To Love A Cappella

Reason #88: Crowd Clap

Music has a unique capacity to move people. We catch ourselves humming along to a melody. When we catch the lyrics, we sing along. We bob our heads or tap our feet to the beat. Then, in a phenomenon reserved for live music, we’re moved to clap.

If there’s one element of performance that a cappella has picked up and perhaps even bettered over live concerts with instrumentation, it’s the capacity for drawing audience participation. At the end of a long show or the emotional roller coaster of a twelve-minute competition set, if an a cappella group has done it’s job, the audience is likely aching to applaud. By going for the clap-along on a rabble-rousing finishing song the group gives the crowd that chance to both applaud and add into the bodily instrumentation by clapping right along with the performers on stage. The result a positively sublime experience wherein everyone making a sound in the auditorium has a legitimate stake to be making a part of the music.

I love it!