Buying a Group's CD After the Show

200 Reasons To Love A Cappella

Reason #122: Buying a Group’s CD After the Show

While plenty of people who sing a cappella will tell you they do so for the love of the art form and the joy of making music, money remains central to the <i>business</i> of a cappella. Whether a group performs at the scholastic level, semi-professionally, or as a legitimately professional act, money is key for studio time, live performance equipment, travel costs, and more.

Attending a group’s live performance is great, but there are few more impactful ways of supporting a group than by buying its CD (or, as is more common now, buying their digital album). Buying a CD after a show demonstrates an appreciation for the live performance and interest in taking the group’s work home to make it part of your personal life. In buying the CD, you’re supporting the group financially and artistically. Better yet, for your own good, you get to bring home an exciting collection of music that diverges from top 40 radio or the tracks iTunes pushes on its customers, instead capturing music that you’ve discovered firsthand via a live performance.

I love it!