Alumni Concerts

200 Reasons To Love A Cappella

Reason #44: Alumni Concerts

Leaving your college a cappella group can be an awkward thing. Even if you were only part of a group for a year, it’s a consuming enough extracurricular that it’s going to be hard to leave it behind. But what else can you do? Join a post-collegiate group? Do you really have the time to invest in that as you start your career? And even if you do, is that experience ever really going to be the same as what you had with your college crew? On top of all that, a cappella has more ore less become an accepted part of college life—but a cappella singers in their mid-twenties? Not necessarily the coolest addition to your social resume.

But then there are alumni shows. Those magical times when folks dust off the ol’ vocal chords and take the stage with their old friends to make some music after years apart. These aren’t the most polished shows, and they’re not cutting edge. They do, however, represent both tradition and a lot of fun as old memories come back, and great musicians celebrate what once was.

I love it!