200 Reasons To Love A Cappella

Reason #177: Aca-Couples

Don’t get me wrong—intra- or inter-group aca-dating can be problematic. The theatrics of relationship spilling over into any work or performance situation runs the risk posing a distraction and throwing larger group dynamics off-kilter. Moreover, for inter-group dating, there’s the potential for jealousies or conflicts of interest that can take a toll on a relationship.

But then there are the times when it works.

As I imagine most people who take the time read a post on The A Cappella Blog might agree, investment in the a cappella world is rarely a casual pursuit. What may start as an extracurricular or a hobby so often becomes the center of so many singers’ lives. Thus, having a partner who can instantly relate to the experience of rehearsals and competition, who can speak using the same musical vocabulary, and who actively wants to hear your old group’s old album, all add up to beautiful foundation for a beautiful relationship.

I love it!