A Sold-Out Crowd

200 Reasons To Love A Cappella

Reason #128: A Sold-Out Crowd

We’ve all heard the expression, “bigger is better.” The words certainly hold true in the case of the audience at an a cappella show. A bigger crowd means more people to laugh at a joke, more people to swoon for a particularly captivating solo, more people to clap along on a barn burning number and more people to stand up and cheer at the conclusion of an epic performance.

While the performers on stage may occupy the spotlight, the live crowd is very much a part of defining most exhibitions. The energy of the people around you shapes your perception of events and a sold out a crowd—by definition, a crowd of people filling a space, who have paid money to hear a group sing—bodes very, very well for an off-the-charts live show.

I love it!