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A Fool and His Money Are Soon Parted


Proverb: A Fool and His Money Are Soon Parted

Now more than ever, a cappella is a business. Professional arrangements are available for sale. There are consultants and sound engineers for hire; software, equipment, and studios specifically designed for a cappella ready for hire.

But is a group better off spending its money traveling to record and master it’s CD with a celebrated professional, or taking care of the recording in house and using the money to travel for competition? Whose testimonials can you trust? How important is it to your group that your creative content—including arrangements and choreography—originate from within the group?

There are few universal answers, and there is no substitute for research and critical thinking. When you’re looking for the best fits when it comes to the cost-quality balance, you need to check out what other groups have done—listening to CDs, watching videos, and otherwise getting a sense for what any given product or service has to offer, and how it fits your vision. Groups that rush into business decisions may get lucky, but it’s far better practice to investigate the points that matter most to you, talk within the group, and get outside opinions before deciding how to use your money.

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