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Who's Singing?: June 2011


Who's Singing is a feature authored by Keith Tripler.

Hey a cappella fans! Welcome to the newest addition to The A Cappella Blog, Who’s Singing? with the latest and greatest events, invitationals, shows, festivals (and more) going on in the aca-world! If you have an event you would like featured in this post, feel free to email whosinging@gmail.com with your contact information and information about your event. OR tweet at/follow my account (whosinging) as well!

JUNE 2011

-Voices Only 2011
-Sing-Off Results
-ACA Awards
-CD Releases/Recording
-Pros with Shows
-Collegiate Happenings

Voices Only 2011 – The annual competition for the best in collegiate a cappella recording will announce its winners on June 26th on the weekly a cappella podcast, Mouth Off. Voices Only has been producing and releasing these CDs every summer since 2004 thanks to “one of the leading a cappella braintrusts,” Corey Slutsky. The 2-disc album will feature songs recorded, mastered or released between January 1, 2010 and June 1, 2011 by collegiate groups around the country. Submissions close June 1st, see link for submission details.

The Sing-Off – The wildly popular, soon to be Monday night staple, NBC primetime a cappella competition is wrapping up its auditions in these final weeks of May, ending at their final stop in LA on June 4th. This June, chosen groups from around the country will be notified if they have been selected to be taped this summer in July and August. NBC announced that The Sing-Off will be a two-hour Monday night (8pm-10pm) primetime series this fall, bumped up from its previous 6-episode mid-season spot the last two seasons.

CD Releases – Groups including The Brown Derbies, Transit Vocal Band, The SoCal VoCals (and more) are currently hard at work in the studio with albums (we hope) to come later this summer.

ACA Awards – The A Cappella Community Awards will be announced June 1st. Voted on by members of The Contemporary A Cappella Society (CASA), it features categories from favorite comedy group to favorite vocal percussionist and everything in between. Any registered CASA member can vote, visit their website for details.

Pros with Shows – For all you fans on the east coast, The Swingle Singers are coming to Boston for a 3 night stay to perform with the world-renowned Boston Pops Orchestra June 7-10. They will be performing with conductor Keith Lockhart at the Symphony Hall (for tickets click here). On the West Coast, SONOS continues their residency at the Hotel Café in LA every Wednesday at 8pm starting June 8th and continuing through the beginning of July.

Bros and… Ladies with Shows
University of Oregon - On the Rocks: In The Dark
Drexel University – Treblemakers Spring Concert

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