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The Sing-Off: Why Nota Should win


There is a case to be made that Nota, the lone non-collegiate group left in The Sing-Off, deserves to walk away as the competition’s big winner.

The first, and perhaps most obvious reason why Nota deserves to win is because the group has turned in the best performances. Particularly on episode two, their covers of “Stayin’ Alive” and “Down” positively stole the show, with a powerful yet silky smooth sound, near perfect solos, and an emerging stage presence. These acts are absolutely ready for a professional stage anywhere, and absolutely ready for recording.

On the topic of Nota solos, their usual front man is a true joy to hear, and unquestionably the most memorable soloist we have heard over the course of the show. He’s got a unique sound, a badass falsetto and a genuine likeability around him that gives him the tools to potentially rise as the face of Nota for a commercial recording if the group does win.

Beyond the lead soloist, Ben Folds so accurately observed after the group’s Jackson 5 medley that there is not a bad musician in this group. The fact is, in this competition, there has been absolutely no room for weak links on Nota, because the group only has six members. Despite its limited membership, Nota has offered up a full, tight, and consistently strong sound, meaning each and every member is pulling his weight and then some.

Lastly, on this blog I have more than once questioned the repetition of Nota’s Latin breakdowns that they have a tendency to use as they round out their songs. While I think they’ve leaned up this gimmick a bit more than they should (by my count, putting it into play for three out of five of their performances), I can’t deny that it has helped to distinguish the group. It’s a celebration of their heritage and identity, it’s fun, and it has given the guys a trademark sound to which no other group in the competition can compare.

Nota is memorable, distinctive, and with their musicality, personality and ability to perform, they have established themselves as the total package in this competition.

In the days to follow, I will be making the case for each of The Sing Off’s three finalist groups, before announcing my official endorsement for who should really emerge as the winners.

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